Cats know, comin' out of four, they better be standin' on it, else they'll be standin' in it. - Richard Petty

Welcome to the website of the Rock County Raceway, a short track oval and scale 1/8 mile drag strip built for T-jet slot car racing

The Rock is a homage to American HO slot car basement racing... Turn up with some cans of beer, a carry-case of cars and a controller - after a few laps the troubles of the world are forgotten.

Find out more about the track on the Raceway page. We race T-jets, both 'Tuff Ones' and a skinny tyre 'Nostalgia' class - find out more at Cars.

Any oval is all about racing - and there are pages devoted to the Race Format and Race Results, with all the Feature Race winners and lap record holders in the Hall of Fame.

Don't forget to check out the Photo Galleries and Videos.

The Rock County Raceway is a Brighton Underground Racing Network (BURN) venue.

Because of the implications of Coronavirus, racing on the oval is currently suspended. However, the Rock County Drag Strip is still in action for some super-social-distancing-style proxy drag racing. There are five dates pencilled in from June through to the end of September. There are more details - and the chance to sign up - over on SlotRacer Online here.

T-jets will be running on the drag strip and so will two Micro Scalextric classes - to make it as accessible as possible to WHO racers and beyond.

Take care and stay safe.