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Thunderjet 500 Nostalgia class

BURN Thunderjet 500 'Nostalgia' class

The Nostalgia class will be run as club car class in 2017. However, these are the build guidelines we're developing.

We'd like to see good-looking pre-1967 American stock cars racing on the oval, with racing numbers and a late-50s / early-60s theme.

The rules are as follows:


We will limit this class to the original Aurora Thunderjet chassis and the Dash Motorsports T-Dash. If you are unsure, please ask.

Moulding flash may be removed and holes may be reamed out, but other material should not be removed or added to the chassis.

Motors, electrical components, guide pins, axles and gears

Standard parts from the chassis stated above should be used. Dash parts may be used in Aurora chassis. Autoworld motor magnets, pick-ups, springs, guide pins and motor brushes may also be used in either chassis.

Armatures should be 16 ohms or higher - typically the Dash 2-LAM armature or standard Aurora T-Jet armatures. Commutator plates may be cleaned and 'trued' with sandpaper. Aftermarket or balanced armatures cannot be used.

Wheel & axle width

We are aiming for a good-looking T-jet car with the 'skinny-tyre' look. Wheels & tyres must fit inside the body - that means they cannot protrude beyond the wheel wells when looking down on the car from above. We would like to see the Vincent Wheels replacement 'skinny' plastic wheels used. There are many different styles available, but please use the 'B' size for fronts and 'A' size for the rear wheels.

Tyres & wheel weights

The Vincent Wheels tyres produced for their hubs should be used. The 2.2mm wide tyre is used with the 'B' size front wheels and the 3.1mm wide tyre is used with the 'A' size rear wheels. The tyres can be trued and may be softened with oil, but cannot treated with any substances that leave a residue on the track.

Brass wheel weights cannot be used in the nostalgia class.


Bodies must be made of injection-moulded plastic, 3-D printed material or resin. No lexan bodies please. Bodies can be lightened and lowered to improve the stance. Original 'glass' pieces should be used and cannot be replaced with lexan or other sheet material. Ballast may be added to the body.

On the oval, we would like to see pre-1967 American stock cars for the Nostalgia class. Although racing numbers are not absolutely required if you prefer the street look, stock cars do look better with numbers and a late-50s / early 60s theme.

The following styles of bodies are respectfully not permitted: Sand Van, Speed Racer, Ice Cream Truck, Batmobile or Willys Panel Van. Race those on a drag strip.

Last updated 31 March 2017