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Thunderjet 500 Tuff Ones class

BURN Thunderjet 500 'Tuff Ones' class

BURN T-jet racing uses readily available chassis and bodies with stock parts. The goal is to create closely competitive classes of cars that are inexpensive to build and race.

There are two classes, based around rear axle width. Otherwise, the rules are similar. If we don't specify you can do something, please assume that you can't.

We'd like to see American stock cars racing on the ovals, with the addition of Trans-Am 'pony' cars and GT cars on road courses.

The rules are as follows:


Any chassis that is based on the Aurora Thunderjet chassis including all versions produced by Aurora, Autoworld (AW), Johnny Lightning (JL), Playing Mantis, Model Motoring, MEV, Road Race Replicas and the Dash Motorsports T-Dash. If you are unsure, please ask.

All Autoworld Ultra G chassis must have the traction magnet removed. Moulding flash may be removed and holes may be reamed out, but other material should not be removed or added to the chassis.

Motors, electrical components, guide pins, axles and gears

Standard parts from the chassis stated above should be used. However, Autoworld or Dash parts may be used as replacement parts across the other chassis, since these are currently manufactured and are more readily available. Commutator plates may be cleaned and 'trued' with sandpaper. Aftermarket or balanced armatures cannot be used.

Wheel & axle width

Cars must be raced with a standard 'Tuff Ones' style overall width front and rear. That means stock front wheels that fit inside the body. Rear wheels can protrude in classic 'Tuff Ones' style, with a maximum rear width of 1 3/16” (1.188 inch) = 30.175mm. Stock rear wheels must be used.

Tyres & wheel weights

Any single compound black tyres are permitted. Super Tires 'Tuff Ones' and 'Pro Series' black silicones are recommended. Heiser / Wizzard / PVT 04 tyres are another option.  Silicone-coated sponge tyres are not permitted.

Brass washers (M3.0 or M3.5 recommended for AW wheels) are permitted on the inside of the front wheels to act as wheel weights. JW Speedparts F-16 front wheel weights are permitted for the thinner JL front wheels only.


Bodies must be made of inject-moulded plastic, 3-D printed material or resin. No lexan bodies please. Bodies can be lightened and lowered to improve the stance. Original 'glass' should be used and cannot be replaced with lexan or other sheet material. Ballast may be added.

Bodies must be a closed-wheel saloon or convertible car, preferably of a type used for racing, although racing numbers are not required if you prefer the street look.  We like the American stock cars and muscle cars from the 1950s, 60s and early 70s.

The following styles of bodies are respectfully not permitted: Sand Van, Speed Racer, Ice Cream Truck, Batmobile or Willys Panel Van.

Last updated 3 March 2017