Drag Strip

Rock County Eighth Mile

A great oval track should have a drag strip somewhere nearby. The Rock County Raceway now has a scale eighth-mile-ish strip just the other side of the wall to where it is stored between races.

The Rock County Eighth Mile started off with the popular Auto World modules and Tomy AFX track and was perfect for some serious match-racing with T-Jet Super Stockers and Gassers, plus a wide range of AFX 3-Gear and 4-Gear cars. It was a little too short for the quick modern inline cars, especially the short shutdown...

The strip measures six foot ten inches from start to finish. If the figures matter, 82 inches = 0.0012942 mile. At 1/64 scale, that's 1/12 mile; at 1/76 scale = 1/10 mile or 176 yards; and 1/87 scale (true HO) it's 1/8 mile. The staging area was a little cramped and the 18-inch shutdown required some serious padding at the end.

The strip has been rebuilt in 2020 for some proxy drag racing. The road surface is the new 2019 Micro Scalextric track, which is super smooth and fast. Timing uses the original DOS-based Trackmate 'Drag Basic' system and the timed section has been stretched to 84 inches, with a 2- inch shutdown that has dynamic braking. Power is now limited to 12 volts.

To function with the Micro Scalextric track, cars must be fitted with braids or HO RacePro Slide Guides. There are more details of the proxy racing on SlotRacer Online.

Future plans are to build a routed strip that hugs that bulging 1840s wall, separates the lanes out a little and gives a perfectly smooth seven feet of road surface.