How do we run a race?

On the Rock County Raceway, we run three different race formats:
  • Heats & finals - qualifying heats followed by finals - with one or two racers stepping-up from each final to the next.
  • Round Robin race - drivers run on each lane and the most laps wins it. Sometimes run as a pairs race.
  • Crash 'n' Burn - a points race format.
One race will be chosen as the evening's feature race and the winner will have their name inscribed in the Rock County Raceway Hall of Fame.

We'd rather not use track calls - cars are marshaled as the race is running. But if numbers are low, all four lanes are used and we have a track call button and a penalty card system that allow cars to be re-slotted safely and different tactics come in to play.

The Trackmate system runs the races - results are recorded with pen and paper.