The Rock County Raceway is a 4-lane 'bullring' oval built from MaxTrax routed sectional track.

The straightaways are 3 feet long and the turns have an outer radius of just under a foot. That gives a tabletop size of 5 feet by just under two feet.

Overall, the outer lane is 10ft 7 inches long and the inner is 7ft 10 inches. The average lane length is 9ft 2 1/4 inches or 1/9th of a 1/64 scale mile or 2/15ths of a 1/76 scale mile (for T-jets). Definitely a bullring.

The raceway is powered with a regulated DC power supply, delivering 18V and 7.5A across the four lanes. Driver stations are UK slot car club standard 3-pin sockets and are wired with a brake circuit.

TrackMate is used for lap counting and timing - linked to reed switches, power relay and track call button.

The Maxtrax oval was built in the summer of 2016 and replaced the original Rock County Raceway which was a slightly longer oval made from Tyco sectional track. There are more details on the Original Raceway page.

See the MaxTrax build page for more on the track build process. Videos of the tracks can be found on the Videos page.

Lap records can be found in the Hall of Fame.

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