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The Original Raceway

The original Rock County Raceway was a 4-lane HO scale short track oval made from Tyco sectional track.

The straightaways were just under 4 feet long and the turns had an outer radius of just under a foot - a custom six inch radius turn piece was inserted at each end to make the corner entry tighten.

Overall, the outer lane was 13ft long and the inner was 10.64ft. The average lane length was 11.82ft or 1/7 of a 1/64 scale mile or 1/6 of a 1/76 scale mile (for T-jets).

The raceway was powered with a variable DC regulated power supply, delivering 12 to 22V and 7.5A across the four lanes. Driver stations were UK slot car club standard 3-pin sockets and wired with a brake circuit.

TrackMate was used for lap counting and timing - linked to reed switches, power relay and track call button.

See the RCR build page for more on the track build process. Videos of the track can be found on the Videos page.

Lap recordAndy Player 1.580 secs (21/04/2015)
AW/JL T-jet spec classJohn Ferrigno 1.960 secs (13/08/2014)
X-Traction: Andy Player 1.580 secs (21/04/201